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Workshy supremacist phukkwitz vs. Workshy stoneage phukkwitz




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“Pope John XXIII gave us another sample of the new, satanic Christianity when he had “loving forgiveness” for the black Satanists who tortured, raped, and murdered nuns and priests of his own race and his own church. All such perversions and barbarities, and the list of the perversions and barbarities is endless, are done under the formal mantle of a hellish, twisted Christianity in which false prophets, the prophets of liberalism, bid us follow the false messiahs of reason, science, and the ‘noble black savage.’”via The Liberals’ Metamorphosis

The One Great Mystery

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German Occupation of France- WW2

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Compare and contrast with Talmudic theft of other cities. Moscow, Saigon, St Petersburg, Bude&Pest, Warsaw, Berlin, Beijing, Jericho etc &c.


Oy Gevalt…..Not as bad as Spielberg puts on.
History is just a Collection of Lies that havent been disputed.

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Wide Awake Gentile

The ruling Kim dynasty in Korea was started by Kim Ill Sung

His real name was not Kim Il-sung but KimSungkye. He was born in 1912 into a Presbyterian family that was comfortably off; his father was a teacher and elder in the church. In 1920, like many other Koreans, they moved to Manchuria to escape famine or Japanese rule. His father died in 1926; he attended the Yuwen Middle School in Jilin from 1927 to 1930, when he was arrested for subversion and imprisoned for several months. South China Morning Post

Kim’s father died in 1926, when Kim was fourteen years old. In October 1926, Kim founded the Down-With-Imperialism Union. Kim attended WhasungMilitaryAcademy in 1926, but when later finding the academy’s training methods outdated, he quit in 1927. From that time, he attended Yuwen Middle School in Jilin  (China/Manchuria)…

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No Commemoration of Arctic Convoy Veterans in Most UK Media

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Is there anything actually real in UK?


by Tutisicecream


Much of the UK media ignored the essence of the 75th commemoration of the British Arctic convoys to Russia why is this?

If people forget history they are more likely to believe the lies they are told today. With this in mind it is likely true that the current propaganda war is much greater than we care to recognise. There is probably no better example of this than when we look at the very recent omission by much of the U.K. mainstream media of the reason for the commemoration of WWII British Arctic Convoy Veterans in Russia. Described by Churchill at the time as “the worst journey in the world” during which some 3,000 servicemen lost their lives to keep our allies Russia supplied in the fight against Nazi Germany in the battle for Leningrad.

I got to thinking about this while watching a report of the commemorations…

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