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Excellent. I cannot stand that limp worded NobelOxBridge agent. The Buddhist terrorists in there are also worth watching.

Wide Awake Gentile

The Rohingyas the latest “in vogue” victims of the Talmudic Media reside in Rahine province of Myanmar which borders Bangladesh and is near Mizoram in India The Jewish Media interest in a bunch of Muslims in a remote part of the world starts to make sense when you look at its location and the Jewish “conversions” in Manipur and Mizoram

When Rothschild agent Soros starts sprouting such bull shit like this Soros: As a Jew in Budapest, I Too Was a Rohingya ,you know theres serious Jew interest in this region (Western Burma bordering India )  , like there was in oil gold and mineral rich South Sudan and Darfur . Soros’s Open Foundation was already “donating” 2 million a year to projects in Burma  way as scholarships before 2011  The Rabbinical descendant Donald Graham owned and David Rothkpff edited Foreign Policy Journal even spoke of a Rohingya Genocide…

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The Jewish Plan for America from its inception

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Nope, the author of the piece misunderstands Apartheid. What we have here in RCE/TA is a long planned, aided by Kerry et al, divorce from the inconvenient west, What we have is a piece of grit around which a rallying of primitivism is being orchestrated and the retarded mind of money being cross bred again.

Apartheid was never so stone age.

Pragmatic Witness

JEW George Soros wants all Gentiles nationally and culturally one, morally degraded and racially mongrelized under a super-government controlled by a racially pure Jewish race


Still Report #1091 – FBI Analyst

Skip to 6:01…



Related Los Angeles Times article…

Does the term “apartheid” fit Israel? Of course it does…

The storm of controversy after Secretary of State John F. Kerry’s warning that Israel risked becoming an “apartheid state” reminded us once again that facts, data and the apparently tedious details of international law often seem to have little bearing on conversations about Israel conducted at the highest levels of this country. As was the case when other major figures brandished the “A-word” in connection with Israel (Jimmy Carter comes to mind), the political reaction to Kerry’s warning was instantaneous and emotional. “Israel is the only democracy in the Middle…

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Blood Libel – Jewish Ritualistic Murder

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The Jewish Encyclopaedia Gentile P9 620 “If a Jew is ever caught telling a Gentile the teachings of the Talmud such an act is punishable by death.”

Source: Blood Libel – Jewish Ritualistic Murder

Luverly, luverly, luverly. I will hopefully forward this to my main blogger shop with some further comments/reframing in the very near future.

As for the moment it would do well to consider not so much what is a jew, who is a jew or where is a jew as to how do you create a jew and why?


Phukkin’ A. The New Censorship

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How did Google become the internet’s censor and master manipulator, blocking access to millions of websites? Google, Inc., isn’t just the world’s biggest purveyor of information; it is …

Source: The New Censorship

China shows rancour at Russian doublespeak

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By M K Bhadrakumar | Indian Punchline | July 25, 2016 The scathing attack on Russian foreign policies in the Global Times newspaper on Sunday has no precedents. It goes way beyond the occasional sp…

Source: China shows rancour at Russian doublespeak

I hope you are paying attention.





Did Germany really start World War II?

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The role of UKplc this passed 500 years is to cause all the wars whilst looking like victim/defender. All the while claiming to be the defender of something “good” whilst really being the purveyor of mass murder. Jack the Ripper in a Ronald MacDonald outfit.

Scrapbookpages Blog

I have been having a lengthy discussion, with one of the regular readers of my blog, about who started World War II, Germany or Poland?

Here is the kosher version of the start of World War II, from this kosher website:

Begin quote from website above

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Eagle campaign caught out in self-serving lie

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by Kit The anti-Corbyn coup, launched simultaneously across the press and PLP, hasn’t had much go their way. Corbyn refused to resign. The public are largely behind him. The NEC caved to memb…

Source: Eagle campaign caught out in self-serving lie

I think my comment here was accurate.

One year out and the breaking of UK parliament into Sharia and, the original intention this passed 100 years, Talmudic/NOAHide groupings with the dead end Tories/Libs/Labour withering is one step closer.