Caught you on ACH again. Good stuff. Now we know that it is all a hoax we need to find out exactly what was going on in the R&D/R&R camps that the USA/UK were desperate to pick up. The whole shebbang was a massive Dieppe style pinch raid by 1944/45 because the gin swilling clowns of talmick new Mexico had wasted all that money on Mexican hookers and sabotage.

Cheers Mike.


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Is the holocaust a cover for far greater ~ and proven crimes of Western regimes? The ‘six-million’ mantra Soviet-style is drummed into heads from womb to tomb. There is no escaping from the victors’ propaganda that claims that the ‘Nazis’ are solely responsible for crimes against humanity.

! john bolton receives guardian of zion award

Is the alleged holocaust a smokescreen to divert attention from multiple undisputed holocausts, dubbed ‘Multiple Megacaust’ by historian author Michael Walsh?

The 20th Century claimed the lives of 170 million people. Six million (unproven) Hitler’s Germany: USSR, China, U.S., and the UK are confirmed responsible. SOURCE R. J. Rummel, Power, Genocide and Mass Murder, Journal of Peace Research.

Professor Michel Chossudovsky, director of the Center for Research on Globalization introduces to Global Research a documented study…

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