RN warship sent to Libya to aid and comfort people-smugglers



– The Guardian – Deployment of HMS Diamond part of EU crackdown as number of migrants trying to cross Mediterranean reaches record level

Source: British warship sent to Libya to target people-smugglers

Billion quid RN air defence destroyer sent to establish no fly zone over people smugglers and human traffickers so as to maximise the number of 5th columnists imported into the UK and EU. Do not expect any reduction in the number of humans slavers active nor any halt in the numbers of illegal nation wreckers getting shipped into your just in time society destruction process. Why do you think quantitative easing was established? Inflation doesn’t just turn up in the economic trashstistics, it manifest in bodies on your doorstep.

This £1,000,000,000 thing will be no use at stopping a shipwrecker or vampire and will burn just like a Type 42.



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