The Jewish Plan for America from its inception

Nope, the author of the piece misunderstands Apartheid. What we have here in RCE/TA is a long planned, aided by Kerry et al, divorce from the inconvenient west, What we have is a piece of grit around which a rallying of primitivism is being orchestrated and the retarded mind of money being cross bred again.

Apartheid was never so stone age.

Pragmatic Witness

JEW George Soros wants all Gentiles nationally and culturally one, morally degraded and racially mongrelized under a super-government controlled by a racially pure Jewish race


Still Report #1091 – FBI Analyst

Skip to 6:01…



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Does the term “apartheid” fit Israel? Of course it does…

The storm of controversy after Secretary of State John F. Kerry’s warning that Israel risked becoming an “apartheid state” reminded us once again that facts, data and the apparently tedious details of international law often seem to have little bearing on conversations about Israel conducted at the highest levels of this country. As was the case when other major figures brandished the “A-word” in connection with Israel (Jimmy Carter comes to mind), the political reaction to Kerry’s warning was instantaneous and emotional. “Israel is the only democracy in the Middle…

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