Did Germany really start World War II?

The role of UKplc this passed 500 years is to cause all the wars whilst looking like victim/defender. All the while claiming to be the defender of something “good” whilst really being the purveyor of mass murder. Jack the Ripper in a Ronald MacDonald outfit.

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I have been having a lengthy discussion, with one of the regular readers of my blog, about who started World War II, Germany or Poland?

Here is the kosher version of the start of World War II, from this kosher website:


Begin quote from website above

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2 Responses to “Did Germany really start World War II?”

  1. The question no-one (whose view of ww2 is derived from Spielberg movies) can answer is, since Britain had a pact to defend Poland from an invasion, why did they only declare war on the invading Germans, and not the invading Russians, or neither, or both?

    btw if you need a laugh with al the madness going on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omfTWRuwRyk

    • Ahhhh the questions no one asks. Your one being a corker. Others like “How come Jewish war criminals got tenure in OxBridge after their butchery?” More up to date would be “How come GE/Marconi was destroyed and by whom?” Or an even better rib tickler would be “After importing millions of vibrants, how come Southern Trains have massive staff shortages?”

      Ahhh the questions of UKplc. For most Europeans it must be like living next to a bunch of stone age whiggers.

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