Did Bernie Suck HRC’s Goober?

Not quite Machi enough. Start with what we know, no questions asked.
TPTB hate ordinary USofA corpspersons.
USofA is now “managed”
The Clintons, Bushes,Farters et al are expendables. Billonaires a two a penny these days.
How’s about POTUS gets elected from the assorted retards AND then the move is made.
You could get a Petain or Hindenberg.
Only after that inflection point with the office of POTUS truly degraded does the real work begin.

Just a suggestion.

B'Man's Revolt

I have contended since last summer that Trump will run against Sanders, mainly because everyone else was sucking the donkey goober.

I said that Killery will do the Hari Kiri, but not go to jail, pretending sickness (or maybe some other situation that forces her to pull out of the election.

Have I changed my mind with the latest Bernie ass-kiss endorsement of the she devil? Not so fast.

Why would Bernie, a man who has made his entire career out of pretending to be against the likes of her, do a 180, hat in hand, bow before the throne and do the nasty? The obvious answer would be that he is a jew liar. But there may be more answers (or maybe its just me holding on to a dead theory).

What if he knows that the legal stuff is not over? By aligning himself with her…

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