Obama Gets His Anti-China Piece of Paper…Let’s See If He Manages To Start WWIII With It

Barry Soetoro, the Orang Maobitch, gets confused breathing so don’t be expecting anything emerging from between his ears other than commiekrap.


[‘Ill-founded, farcical’: Beijing blasts South China Sea ruling]

[Look for Obama to attempt to use that ruling as a club to bash China into compliance with dictates from the New World Order that he has worked so hard to empower. If he is really planning on winning Ban Ki Moon’s seat after he turns power over to Hillary, then this would provide sufficient legal grounds for him to use in an attempt to muster a global consensus for militarily evicting China from the islands it has built up in the S. China Sea (Obama Plans To Grab Ban Ki Moon’s Job Next Year).]

What happens after The Hague court rules?

manilla times

For the past several weeks, the government had been expecting the Permanent Court of Arbitration at The Hague to rule in its favor on its dispute with China in the South China…

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