The 1905 multiplex

Sometimes the complexfukkery that is a million lazy baboons tapping to infinity will produce Shakespeare or at least a simulacrum of sense when theGodedits strike.

“Even though the working class is today on the retreat everywhere 1905, or rather 1905’s, will come again. The fundamental contradictions of a global system of exploitation have not changed in the last century. New struggles are inevitable. The gains in consciousness and political understanding the working class has derived from the struggles of the last century have not been lost. They are defended by organisations like ours who may currently be tiny minorities but they are the precursors of a new international party which will also be truly internationalist. This will lead the fight against capitalist rule by injecting the revolutionary programme into the new waves of struggles. Most significantly, new class wide bodies will arise out of the struggle itself, which will show the way to a different world order based on cooperation and equality. Whether they are ultimately victorious will depend on the balance of forces between workers and capitalists at the time. The message thus remains the same as raised by Rosa Luxemburg in the 1890’s – “socialism or barbarism”.”

Phukkwittery is after all a genetic inheritance or lifestyle idle idoliretardy choice for the nonchosenphukkwitz. So even though cult stylings from Canada are not a medium of choice here, like Rosa highkighting the fukkwittery at work by accidental phukkwittery, Spefan has his uses.

[Stefan Molyneux gives his lively (and choreographed) take on the reported deaths of five cops in Dallas by sniper fire at a Black Lives Matter protest rally. He provides plenty of damning…

Source: Stefan Molyneux – Dallas Police Shooting — TRANSCRIPT

However one does wonder how many unknowing MiKulaks make a genocide?



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