Chinese Warships Now Training with U.S. Carrier Strike Group

– USNI News – Five ships from the People’s Liberation Army Navy are training with a U.S. carrier strike group ahead of next month’s Rim of the Pacific 2016 exercises.

Source: Chinese Warships Now Training with U.S. Carrier Strike Group

“How did the Imperial Japanese Navy cooperate with the Royal Navy during the First World
War? Although the Anglo-Japanese alliance of 1902 did not require it, Japan declared it would
support Britain in the war against Germany and sent an ultimatum to Berlin demanding
withdrawal of German warships from Japanese and Chinese waters. Japan helped establish
control of the Pacific and Indian Oceans early in the war by seizing the German fortress and
naval base of Tsingtao and Germany’s colonies in the Pacific (the Carolines, Marshalls, and most
of the Mariana islands); Japanese naval forces also aided Great Britain in driving German
warships from the Pacific. At the outbreak of the war, Vice Admiral Maximilian Graf von Spee
commanded six cruisers of the German Far Eastern Squadron at Ponape in the Carolines; the
Japanese declaration of war compelled him to lead most of his force east to South America and
the battles of Coronel and the Falklands. The Japanese navy maintained allied control of Far
Eastern and Indian waters throughout the war, assuming responsibility for patrolling them when
demands on British naval forces exceeded resources, and in 1917 freeing American naval forces
for service in Europe. Japanese forces provided escorts for convoying troops and war materials
to the European theater of operations from the British dominions in the Far East. Japan built
warships for allied nations and sold merchant shipping to the allies during the war when their
shipyards, already working at maximum effort, could not meet such needs. Finally, Japan
rendered direct naval assistance in the Mediterranean Sea in 1917 and 1918 when the allied
navies faced the prospect of abandoning that sea in the face of the Central Powers’ increasingly
successful submarine operations.”

Similar for Panzers. Kama and Guderian.



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