Jo Cox MP – suspicious death?

Nice one.


The official story coming out of the controlled-media:

Call me suspicious but suspicion is healthy in a world where there are no coincidences, controlled-media and government lies by the wheelbarrow full.

So the killer’s name just happens to be an anagram of ‘I’m Ra’; another occult reference tracing back to Lucifer that links with the NWO cabal.

Occult Numerology: 16 June 2016 = 1+7 = 7 and 1+7 = 7 = 7/7

There’s more to this than meets the EYE.

And of course there is the curious ‘gun and knife’ combo; most murders are one or the other; but both?

Of course the blame is laid firmly at incitement too and the media were ‘on message’ and ready for another full-spread of weekend intensive coverage.

Don’t be surprised if this is also intended to isolate MPs from their constituents making them even less accessible to the people they are…

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4 Responses to “Jo Cox MP – suspicious death?”

  1. “Killed by a Tommy just like all the racist Tommies who want out of the EU” – not quite said by Vote Remain

    Wonder if the SPLC fabricate receipts for overpriced made in Chicom tat just to see if they can get a refund?

  2. So much running through this operation. The most obvious one is complete regulation of 3D printing.

  3. A reading reader Says:

    Cat is out of bag in regard to new technologies. There is no guarantee tihat n the future people who invent new and exciting stuff will share it with their collectivist Abrahamic/Apiru ‘overlords’ , is there?

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