India, China And Arunachal Pradesh

5Yrs ago and 5 more years of terrorist buddhists, burmese zionists and assorted nutters to get trained. All waiting for the signal.

The Velvet Rocket

india china arunachal pradesh

Perhaps not surprisingly to those that know me, I found the military dimension to Arunachal Pradesh interesting. Tensions between India and China run high in this area… Currently, India administers all of Arunachal Pradesh. However, the Chinese lay claim to the majority of Arunachal Pradesh as they believe it to be an extension of the Tibet Autonomous Region. The dispute has left this part of Arunachal Pradesh heavily militarized. And in fact, in 1962, China and India actually went to war over this border conflict.

On the 20th of October in 1962, a well-armed and well-trained Chinese invasion force poured across the border and steamrolled through the poorly equipped and poorly trained Indian troops, soon making it almost all of the way to Tezpur, in the Indian state of Assam – hundreds of kilometers inside Indian territory. Although the Chinese eventually pulled back to the original (but disputed) border in…

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