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B'Man's Revolt

There are quite a few people around the world that helped me wake up to the jewish Problem of domination and control. Most are in America or Canada, but there are some that ended up in Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa, etc. One of these men was Daryl Bradford Smith.

Recent laws enacted threatened to have him jailed and fined, so he felt he needed to remove his website which was chock full of nuggets of truth.

My Bud, Digger (across the pond in that Third World Country known as “Englandistan”) sent me a link to an archive he did of Smith’s site and I want to share it here. Some of the links are dead, but many are still viable.

Its a great treasure trove of various writings, podcasts, radio programs, videos that you may want to take some time looking around if you haven’t scoured the place already…

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