Koncrete Grayzs Babelbolloxphish ON. Why Obama Accused Russia of Showing No Interest in Nuke Reduction

Sputnik – May 23, 2016 US President Barack Obama tried to show Russia in a bad light when he said that Moscow is not doing enough to reduce its stockpile of nuclear weapons, but Russia has ma…

Source: Why Obama Accused Russia of Showing No Interest in Nuke Reduction

This means that the POTUS bitchboybitch office is captured by the creepziozoidbots and is simply on a gambit to neutralise the other not so bitchboybitch nuke source.

If you think that the clownsuit in the Rainbow Ronald House has the interests of the US citizen at heart then you are mistaken. This is not a 1960s cold war movie with a JFKesque deeply patriotic POTUS weighing the difficult options to stop nuclear Armageddon as a hidden agenda to offend all LGBT and minorsorosority interests extant and yet to be invented.

No, no, no; today the only interests that POTUS serves is the citizions and POTUS could not give a flyingphukk about the scum US voter of any money publishing supported lifestyle or autonomous creed. All that is required is a so called arms reduction deal whilst all the freedom shitting slaving off colour phukkmuppets tool up on the best nukes and WMD.

Let us make this quite clear to you UKakos, EUbos and UStards. Only when all the west is disarmed and helpless will the racist UN creepziods be happy and their supplicantmuppets in our political classes be coming in their test tubes, smoke rising clinics and laughing cassocks. When you are back in your place a la medieval serfdom and subject to indentured servitude for ever by Ba’al worshipping stone chuckers from Arabia Felix and assorted off colour creeps in the Levant and Sahel, will the bone lazy cretinism sporting traders in slaving rejoice for their Kingdom will really have arrived, again.

I mean how can you count on a wandering Indonesian worldgypsy of a itinerant money scamming Stepford breeding mare, a Malthusian candidate from the Alinsky school of fukkwittery, a complete empty suite to do anything other than blowaway with other people’s money and lives. It has never done anything in its life, its lineage is an experiment in political stock rearing and its outlook is retarded in spectacular peculiar wordings.

Phukkme! At least the KGB Orthodox academic will look after the Russians.

BTW UKakos, the same goes for the pigfacephukking inflated baboonspermatazoon at No10 in spades and the Edinburgh crowd are plasticspankmonkeys in drag. FFS!



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