Excellent. Call me Kim Il Dashian but it is always the embargoed nations that leave no paper trail. As weird as it seems there are several places that one could examine other than the obvious. One would be Myanmar.

Wide Awake Gentile


Asher Karni is the quintessential International Jew or Wandering Jew . Born in Hungary ,he went to Israel and from there ended up in South Africa

Asher Karni was in 1954 in Hungary, near the Slovakian border. In 1957, Karni, his older sister Bracha and their parents moved to Ashkelon and then to Bnei Brak. He was 10 when his father died suddenly, and 16 when his mother got run over by a car .From then on, Karni remained  affiliated with the Bnei Akiva religious Zionist youth movement
Upon completing yeshiva, Karni got a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, became a major in the IDF artillery corps – where he commanded a gun emplacement – and received an MBA from Tel Aviv University while serving in the career army. During his army service, Karni married Shuli, a kindergarten teacher from Ramat Gan. Two of their three daughters are now married and…

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