Of course Reagan scholar Naughty “cannot say cunt properly” daren’t go on to ask about the re-export of genocidal murdering jews from NY to kill 100 million Slavs, after their indoctrination and financing by Roth fronting jewish NY banksters, did he?

“”Oh God, not the Jews again,””.

You said it baby.


“Oh God, not the Jews again,” muttered conservative commentator Ann Coulter when asked about Jewish immigration to the United States.

She was responding to a question on Wednesday by BBC’s James Naughtie on whether her anti-immigration stance would also have applied to Jewish immigrants to New York in the 20th century.

If trump loses, it’s over. We’re going to be homesick for the rest of our lives.


Full report HERE

Ann Coulter Lashes Out Over Immigration: ‘Oh God, Not the Jews Again’

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