Great summation from Flanders

  • T bone


    That link didn’t work for me. But I looked up Abba Kovner on wikipedia. Yes, even a jew-owned site like that admits that he wanted to poison 6 million Germans – after the war! It just goes to show how vindictive and hateful jews are. If someone said they wanted to poison 6 jews, it would be national news. But the media outlets have remained silent all these years.

    I need to process this. I’m sure I’m going to have a lot to say about it in the future.

    The jew is the most protected group in history. Even Jesus had to speak in metaphors about them.

    The jew can say and do whatever it wants with impunity.

    Remember: victimhood is the modern day Trojan horse and the enemy has become quite comfortable with openly attacking us

  • The link is working fine for me, T-Bone. Here is the gist of what is said, but the site carried other good links. Note, too, that he was certainly operating with the orders and cooperation of the higher-placed jew leaders in Israel.

    “[Kovner] went to Palestine for a short time in 1945 were Hashomer Hatzair headquarters issued him orders. Kovner then returned to Europe to found Nakam a Jewish terrorist organization whose ideological intention was to murder a mythical number of German civilians in ‘retribution’ The Jewish plan to murder six million Europeans for the Jewish historical construct. This mass genocide was never realized as Kovner was exposed smuggling enough concentrated toxin to poison four large European cities. Kovner was detained and deported from Europe back to Jewish terrorist Israel. Nakam then attempted a mass assassination on April 14, 1946 at the Langwasser internment camp near Nuremberg. Bread for 12,000 to 15,000 German POWs was painted with arsenic. According to the American press in 1946, 2300 of the interned soldiers fell ill and were admitted into the hospital but none died. Nevertheless Kovner’s terror group did succeed in murdering an untold number of German civilians by kidnapping them with the use of English military uniforms, driving them into a forest, forcing them to dig their own graves and then shooting them into the grave. In 1961 this man was one of the “witnesses” in the trial of Adolf Eichmann.”

    Every time one hears or reads the word “Ratline” always remember that Die Spinne/ODESSA were new kids on the block as far as running war criminals and terrorists into/out of European lands and populations. Isn’t that so you fish hat wearing anti European war criminal hideaway and facilitator?



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  1. Flanders is brilliant. I can’t wait for one his comments on my sites.

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