OT. Talking of memory there are a couple of Chabadee related slithereens in view very recently.

Nice summary of Mumbai here.

I also note that Korea is in trouble for anti-Fukkwittery
“Rabbi Osher Litzman, head of the Chabad Jewish Community of the Republic of Korea, expressed dismay over the media flurry.
He told MailOnline: ‘It’s nonsense to generalise any group. This is something that belongs to the past.'”

Meanwhile in Indonesia the tribe of Fwitz has its chabadees all upset that the Indonesian state does not recognise Yahweh’s first born. I’ll bet the chabadee houses are hard at work facilitating ISIS or whatever it markets itself as locally in Yogyakarta.


Wide Awake Gentile

20 dollar 120 dollar 2

Wonder why one particular dollar bill and one particular historical figure was changed Why only Andrew Jackson and no other figure was replaced ? Read on

In 1816 the American Congress passed a bill permitting yet another Rothschild dominated central bank, which gives the Rothschilds’ control of the American money supply again. This was called the Second Bank of the United States and is given a twenty year charter.
In 1828 after 12 years during which the Second Bank of the United States, ruthlessly manipulated the American economy to the detriment of the people but to the benefit of their own money grabbing ends, the American people had not surprisingly had enough, and opponents of this bank nominated Senator Andrew Jackson of Tennessee to run for President.

To the dismay of the Rothschilds’, Jackson wins the Presidency and makes it quite clear he is goingto use his mandate to

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