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I would refer you to some of the discussion at the other shops a jubilee ago. Succinctly we can condense it to gold=slavery, money=crime. That will never change as long as there are human shadows at large.

Forget given history. Simply view human existence as one  unbroken RICO experience. Forget given economics. Simply view reality. GDP/GNP=Dead people in vast numbers.

The only way to get their crappy equations to work is when the dead are calculated.

Real Currencies

Two interviews, one with Mike of Rethinkingthedollar.com, and one with Marco Janssen of the Janssen Report.

The first interview focuses on the threats to the dollar, and the monetary system, how it really works. Mike is used to talking to people coming from a more Libertarian perspective, with an emphasis on Gold and ‘money printing’ (instead of Usury) as the core issue.

The second is with Marco, my colleague board member of the Florijn Foundation. Marco has come on board earlier this year. He has been researching the financial system and Usury for years now and has been reporting on the economy on his Youtube channel.

In this interview we discuss how the financial system is the underlying source of really most problems we are facing. From about 16 minutes onwards we discuss solutions and the Florijn/Talent.

Another status update
We’re moving on splendidly with our payment app. We’re…

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