4-star admiral wants to confront China. White House says not so fast

4-star admiral wants to confront China. White House says not so fast   The U.S. military’s top commander in the Pacific is arguing behind closed doors for a more confrontational approach to co…

Source: 4-star admiral wants to confront China. White House says not so fast

Let me see now.

Invite your next enemy in to appropriate your technology. Build them up. Destroy your own industrial base. Destroy your forces by neglect and wastage.

Then when your forces are weakened and no one can stand the nonsense with which you are destroying your society, engender pugnatious dissonance, chaotic strategy and let the war roll over everyone you were suppose to be governing. As planned.

UKplc 1920.




7 Responses to “4-star admiral wants to confront China. White House says not so fast”

  1. not fussed about the Chinese tbh. What are they gonna do. I’m not the traitor, those running Europe and especially USA into the ground are the traitors.

  2. Hi MK. I suppose I just don’t trust a bunch of commie fukkwitz with WMD. Mind you since the whole west is now a fukkwittery hothouse of mentalist hybridwhores…….

  3. OK back with a bit more of a considered reply.

    The trouble with the ChiComms is that it is all so predictable.

    I know that the whole thing is supposed to boil down to competitive advantage and labour costs but the ChiComms have bee chosen for a mission. One does not lose ones industry. One gets de industrialised by accountancy sleight of hand and capital starvation disguised as opportunity costs.

    I mean would you believe anything that a bunch of small minded money worshipping Yahweh creeps would say?

    The big four management accountancy gonzo houses are the priesthoods, the big banks are the temples and the think tanks are the brotherhoods. All this has been running uninterrupted for thousands of years and is infinitely scaleable. My suspicion is that we do not really have a Babylonian cult, what we have is something much older from what is now Arab/Indo/India. Perhaps if we dropped the sea levels back to 12,000BC, or 70,000BC, and have a look at the land masses around Yemen, Maldives and Java.

    I am more interested in what comes after the ChiComm’s 300 years in the sun.

    That is what really scares the shit out of me.

  4. Our rulers look like us. It’s that simple fact that keeps most people asleep, or on snooze at least. As a Chicom grunt how would you feel about being given the task of disarming 200 million Americans? And the only way China can realistically invade the US is if it collapses, which wouldn’t primarily be their doing.

    In Europe we are so kiked up to the eyeballs might as well welcome them as liberators, at least they will abolish IP law. See someone just got charged with shoah denial in France btw.

  5. I don’t see the ChiComms getting anywhere near USofA corp. USofA corp is going to get a masseeev civil war. My reading of the situation is that the ChiComms are on a mission to kill Indonesians and Indians by the billions.

  6. Was looking at China’s demographics, they’re just as bad as white countries, for different reasons (one child policy which just got relaxed this year). Could be the first great empire ever to ‘abort’ itself on the launch pad! Prediction – they deal with the retirement problem by executing old people.

    We are basically doing that now, my grandfather is in a home and 80 year old grandma has been getting cold calls from some middle management woman asking if he can be placed on a DNR list. Then what they don’t say is DNR also means do not treat, someone at the home had a stroke and wasn’t even sent to hospital, just sat in the home recovering by themselves. Tory fuckers.

  7. Yepp the ChiComms have missed their max cannon fodder years. the bulge has gone for the moment.

    Yes the Soylent Green days are here . The nurses are all going to be graduates. That means they are getting groomed for ethical killing. Ahhh doncher love the Ba’al State.

    BTW I reckon that the Tiannenmen malarky derailed the plan. Something was kyboshed by the, no way we can avoid it other wise we’ll give the game away, publicly demanded sanctions. Just after then the influx of nation destroying political leaders turned up in the west to make sure we never protested again about barbaric scum overseas and our war criminal statepersons.

    Until the time was ripe.

    Have you noticed that no one seems to realise that the whole ME, RCE/TA included, are going over to the ChiComm side. All the SA crap just now is theatre. I have stated repeatedly that the IDF will be flying ChiComm crates soon not F35s.

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