As per the previous post on RISC Apiru the only way that the so called economic theories of their idiot vacants can be made complete is to include the deliberate death and destruction.

If their money is used then the system will default to death. No other way.

Wide Awake Gentile

He (the Jew)  has always placed his main dependence on cultivating friendship with kings and nobles . What cared the Jew if the people gnashed their teeth against him, so long as the king and the court were his friends? Thus there was always, even through most of the severely trying times, “a courtJew,” one who had bought by loans and held by the strangleholdofdebt an entrance to the king’s chamber. Source The International Jew

The poorjew always gravitate to “revolutionarypolitics .  You have a Rothschild cousin Karl Marx becoming the Messiah of the Poor The “Russian Bolshevik Revolutionaries” were similarly financially and otherwise aided by Capitalist American Jews

Thus you have the “CourtJews‘ on the one hand and the “Revolutionaryjews” on the other …….. all part of the same highly networked tribe/cult/religious group

If world…

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