What on earth is Germany thinking of supplying israel with nuclear capable submarines?

I did wonder yesterday when I caught sight of the “Moosehead tow” story but didn’t read further. After a little wandering yesterday this suddenly heaves into view with a U boot angela.

If you really want to think about what a nuclear SSK will be really doing, just think back to the Iranian/ISIS USN carrier farce before Christmas.

This story will hopefully surface again at the other shop in a seemingly unrelated item……soon.

Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

Mossad abroad, a tale of woe

Screenshot from German TV report of Dolphin sub in German canal

Mossad Agents Monitoring Dolphin Nuclear-Armed Sub Get Stuck in Mud, German Mayor Sends $2,000 Towing Bill to Mossad

By Richard Silverstein, Tikun Olam
March 05, 2016

A German TV news segment reports (German/video) that recently several Mossad agents were found monitoring the progress of a German-built nuclear-armed Dolphin submarine headed through a northern German canal to Israel. The Mossad spies were presumably offering security or monitoring the progress of the sub near the shipyard where it was built on the Baltic as it made its way through the canal to the North Sea (and from there to the Atlantic). I suspect they were offering security in case someone sought to harm the sub or videotape it as it sailed on the surface of the canal.

In order to track theā€¦

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