Indeedee. Add the “footballers” esp. UK. Then property “development”. Inflating prices and laundering money though is only half of the project. Denial of “access” for those who are considered animals is the prime agenda so that they die off by “market” forces. It all comes down to publishing as much money as they want. If they can do that then every economic action as a criminal act by commission or omission all disguised as economics and market movements. Another part of this weapon system is the “charity” device. Soft kill.

Eventually all land, resources and essentials to life are stolen by this “religious gangsterbanksterscam”.


Wide Awake Gentile

Below is a list of the largest sales of “art” with the names of the buyer and seller The top two sales are for 300 million dollars
Record art sales

Sold for 300 million          Sold for 300 million              Sold for 272 million

pollock  no6 

Sold for 200 million                  Sold  for 186 million

A look at the top sales shows certain names cropping up repeatedly Theres Jewish businessman David Geffen and the Quatari ruling House of Thani (owners of Al Jazeera  TV) Steven  Cohen, Steve Wynn,

 geffensac cohen

David Geffen Jewish (Velvet Mafia)                    Steven Cohen Jewish (Securities Fraud)

AL THANI                                    WYN

Al Thani (Owner of Al Jazeera)                                            Steven Wynn Jewish Casino King

Many 100 million plus sales include Jewish names David Martinez Robert Simon Dmitry Rybolovlev, Leon Black, Ronald Lauder, Roman Abramovich,  Walter H…

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2 Responses to “THE “ART MARKET ” SCAM”

  1. Hi Incoming, just to say I am back. You taught me loads, never said thanks for that. Also do you know what happened to the ZGR?

    (nice artwork btw, totally worth the non-bribe money paid)

  2. I tried to find out what occurred with ZGR and drew a blank. She seemed to get stalked to Iceland and then went off air permanente.

    I did a quick search a month ago once again and there are only whisps of the ZGR having passed by.

    I’ve parked you over at the other shop’s side bar.

    Got too many condom and breast enlargement propositions on blogger so switched off the comments there.

    This haunt seems clean so far.

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