Terra Preta, or, The Lost Cities of Amazonia

I love this kind of research. Combine it with a FFW into the future and you get all excited. I have mentioned at the other shops that we ought to consider universal constants of physics as not so much fixed permanently but hyper viscous and subject to transients from near and afar. My favourite for a good transienting being the Newtonian gravitational constant. Makes megaliths not so megalith. Anyway now that NA has intervened to kill off Europeans in large numbers this passed century, the meeting of the Argentenian Jesuit Babylonian Fish worshipper and the Muscovite Patriarch in Hispaniola this passed week or so dooms Europe to intervention from South America to save us from the enemy again by destroying the village Vietnamstylee. Expect more race change in Europe through dead Europeans again. It has been this way for at least 3000 years. Go tell the Etruscans and SA megalith builders.

Passing Strangeness

The Ingá Stone

One of the many inexplicable statements in historical literature is Gaspar de Carvajal’s description of his travels down the Amazon River with Francisco de Orellana. He says in numerous ways that the banks of the Amazon were stuffed with people, literally village after village for most of its length. No-one else reported this. All subsequent expeditions found the Amazon Basin much as it is today—thinly inhabited. Indeed it had to be this way, as Amazonian soils are notoriously poor for farming. The tragedy of modern-day deforestation of the jungle there is that the poor Brazilian farmers doing the cutting end up with farms that can’t support them for more than a few years before the soil’s nutrients are gone. Even the native Amazonians have to resort to slash-and-burn agriculture, clearing an area then moving on after a while to let the soil recover rather than settling in villages…

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