The Shock of History by Dominique Venner

Loverly stuff right up mon strasse. Europe has been under Mediterranean attack for millenia. Even before Hesiod and Homer. All forgotten just like the Atlas henges. BTW USofA corp the same delinquent fly blown Mediterranean pastoralist degenerates have had a firmer and longer grip on the Americas than the true Europeans.

Just to clarify; Mediterranean is short hand for the wandering child sacrikillers of Ba’al Hammon money whorshippers. Provisionally ID’d at my other shops as ancient Apiru and more recently as iYAHWEH’s traumatised spiritually emptied retards..

Part of an as yet unfinished outing under the ongoing (Wunderwaffe) Or. On IR series at specificgravy.

“At the moment this blog is of the opinion that the Apiru can be defined as the currently existing remnants of the logistics system utilized by the original thieves’ conspiracy to take over the first civilisation’s religion/surplus/currency for return to the age before megalithic yards and unnumeric mathematical science prevailed. It is our current thesis that this secret action was the first part of a self sustaining psychogenetic ecosystem designed to restore, not create. The Apiru have not changed their primitive practices. Chameleon like they are the stealth tapestry upon which the mission is facilitated. We are the fabric upon which it is enacted. They are not jews since we take it as given that Yahweh was a recruiter for the Apiru when he hijacked the tribes skulking in the Sinai under Moses (or whoever it was). However the jews have a problem since they are trusted to be untrustworthy by the Apiru. A simple sensitivity experiment is all that is required to bring the servants of the Apiru to the Apiru masters’ heel. A manifestation of the Apiru mind infestation can be seen in action by the Bolshevik murderers being recruited out of New York’s East side in the early 20th century. Give them the money and they will murder. Classic Apiru matteriasupermens.”


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