WATCH – Italian journalist to John Kerry: “You created ISIS (DAESH)”

I think the words should be “You created DEATH” followed by a selection from phukkwitz, arsehole, retard, specialneedsperp, mentaldefective, murderer, cuntzone followed by a swift delivery of very high velocity.

I mentioned at the other shop how the mercs are genetically modifed, well the bodyguard class of selected for rets are definitley suffering from extinction list syndrome by proxy.

The Ugly Truth

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4 Responses to “WATCH – Italian journalist to John Kerry: “You created ISIS (DAESH)””

  1. I’m happy you dropped in via that particular wwg article since I am very interested in our dusty red donkey driving inbred retards. I was unaware of that post until now.

    Cheers. Glad you read here.

    Have you read any of my brainburps over at my other shops?

  2. I sometimes wonder if you are a limited hangout or just an ‘useful idiot’. And…. sometimes I think that you should not scurry around with all the knowledge you have acquired…in a very very interesting way.
    What interest me is: Anthropologists..1939-1945…USA, Nazi crimes, Balkans, Atrocities that made no sense, but a huge effort from those clling themselves partisans germans fascists etc so Donkey Apiru Reductions…:-)

    • Glad to see you return. Did you navigate over here from rangingshots, specificgravy or both? This shop is supposed to be just a backup in case the other two at blogger get torpedoed. So the content here is random and really reflects, at least to begin with, a certain laziness.

      As for appearances, Charles Kraft in a comment at another blogger long, long ago, reckoned I smelled like MiHi under Janes defence group cover. Now that may say more about the circles CK reflected than anything. I am just a geezer abaaht taahn as I state at the other shops. As for interests, they are catholic, though my main focus at the moment is future religions and memory termination. As always though the hunt for clues to the Apiru’s boss informs all.

      And I carry no one’s card.


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