Scotland: Alex Salmond under Jewish knife

Ahhh the Salmond payoff. Representing the Thugee government of UKplc. I do wish someone would describe the Rothschild Corporate Enmity in Tel Aviv accutrately. Piratebase. Firebase. Gulaglager. Gated Asylum. Walled Toxicdump. It is not a country and the residents spend all their time destroying everyone else’s real countries. Mafia HQ? Perhaps. Murderous Playpen for the disabled perp. Most likely, since it is always in need of special measures.

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AlexSalmondMSP[1]Former First Minister of Scotland and leader of Scottish National Party (ANP), Alex Salmond is currently being hunted by country’s Jewish Lobby. Both Israeli officials and British Jewish leaders have condemned Alex Salmond for condeming a senior Israeli official who called Iran’s Supreme leader Ayatullah Ali Khameini “Holocaust denier” during a Holocaust memorial event in Israel, while Iranian president Dr. Hassan Rouhani was on an official visit to France.

Alex Salmond MP, who currently represents David Cameron government at theCouncil of Europe, called the Israeli accusation “inappropriate”.

Simon Johnson, political editor at UK’s newspaper Telegraph (January 29) condemned Salmond for ignorant of Khamenei’s video posted on his website on the Holocaust Day (January 27) in which he denied that Nazis killed six million Jews.

The video the Jew idiot was mentioning had nothing to do with the six million myth. In reality…

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