Which bit of “Pivoting away from their dead host” don’t you clowns in the west get?

Israel’s Diplomatic Wars of Aggression By Richard Edmondson Israel these days seems to be increasingly at odds with a good portion of the rest of the world. In just the past few months it has quarreled with: Spain over arrest warrants issued for Netanyahu and six other Israeli officials for the 2010 attack on the …

Source: Drunk on Hate and Mad at the World

Now that ALL the wealth has been sucked from the west, esp. USofAcorp the prime target since 1945, the mental parasite is latching on to the east for its next free meal.

I have said many times that the next sign is a “sudden” realisation that the RCE/TA firebase has an ancient history with Cathay. Recent BBC bollox about China being the world oldest civilisation this past wee or so is preping the ground for it.

Conveniently forgetting that the mental infection, currently rabid in RCE/TA, was responsible for killing hundreds of millions of Chinese since 1850.


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