South China Sea: Australia Steps Up Air Patrols in Defiance of Beijing

Let me see. P-3, SCS, F-8III, 2001. Ahhh so much has changed in 15 years.

50 years ago it was Dixie Station.

It takes a little time to stir up a hyperwar and every little helps.

Socio-Economics History Blog Click on image for article.

  • What do Australia gain by antagonizing their largest trading partner, China? Nothing at all. So why is Australia doing this? They are under orders from the US-Pentagram to do so. Australia is under the control of the western Illuminati. It is still a ‘private colony’ of the Anglo-American British empire. Ie. it is controlled/owned by the Satanic bloodlines, the Old Black(as in Evil) Nobility of Europe headed by the British Monarchy.
  • The Pentagram do not have the resources to wage wars with Russia and China globally. They must employ their proxies (Australia, Japan, Philippines ..) to do some of the dirty work while committing whatever limited resources they have to WW3. Their proxies are Cannon Fodder.


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