A must-read book download – The Libya Conspiracy

Nice find WW.

Good timing as well. When you’ve got Donmeh creeps like Sarkozy et Hollandaise Sauceyboy messing around it is no wonder the mess in Paris kicked off and then got rolled into a massive operation to take down out of town hit teams.

As I watched the Paris events unfold I knew I was watching something which needed a few years planning and so it was. Russian security sources stated that it was a Libyan mafia hit squad out to get Sarkozy for 2011 at the bottom of it all and the EU mafia got their security state to take out a few more out of town teams resident there. So it was a live excercise/false flag/ real operation/ prophylactic mafia scam all rolled into one.

Just like Turkey .

And all the while Roth is happy.

Anyway good one WW.

Will park a link to my other shop as well.

Pragmatic Witness

Courtesy of The Burning Blogger of Bedlam


This book, ‘The Libya Conspiracy’, is the definitive exposure and analysis of the international War Crime that was carried out by the major Western governments in Libya in 2011 – what was the crime of the century.

The product of over a year’s work, this is an exhaustive work of independent research and journalism that comprehensively destroys the false mainstream media/government narrative concerning the destruction of Libya. Please share this book and this information far and wide and help expose and disseminate the truth about an international criminal conspiracy so heinous that the media even now refuses to talk about it in truthful terms.

The book is available for download in three formats;

To download the basic PDF, click here.

To download the version for your Kindle or e-book reader device, click here.

To download the formatted version for your…

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