US Again Violates Chinese Territory In S. China Sea…this time with B52s

One for the HWW then.

More big fat targets. If you asked the guys who used to crew these birds way back a half century ago just what their AF colleagues would be flying in 2020 I bet none, none of them would have believed you if you’d said subsonic air breathers. But that was before the Rome Treaty and the little meetings in quiet Adriatic islands in the late 60s.


[SEE:  U.S. bombers flew near China-built island in South China Sea: Pentagon

US strategic bombers fly close to Chinese islands, ignore ‘get away’ orders


A B-52 strategic bomber. © Tim Chong
Two US B-52 strategic bombers have flown near Chinese artificial islands in the South China Sea, ignoring calls to “get away” from Beijing’s airspace, the Pentagon said, claiming the “routine mission” was in accordance with international treaties.

The Pentagon points out that it regards the flights near the Chinese manmade islands as fully legitimate because from a US point of view, the airspace over the islands is a part of international airspace. The US military spokesman added that the B-52s did not get within 12 miles of the islands.

“We conduct B-52 flights in international airspace in that part of the world all the time,” Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook said at a news briefing. “There…

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