Russia immunizes 4 Religious texts

I do wonder what the protection to written stone age money worshipping genocidal phukkwittery will do in a world where all given history is fiction and certain fiction is taken as truth. I should imagine that Harry Potter will find similar empty minded protection somewhere in a galaxy far far away and far in the future. Perhaps the money worshippers will add Porter et al associated fakir business gurus to their holy texts c 40th century. FFS!!!

Rehmat's World

LearQuran[1]On November 11, 2015, Russian Duma passed a presidential bill granting immunity to religious texts of country’s four traditional religions; Christian Bible, Islam’s Holy Qur’an, Jewish Torah, and Buddhist Kangyur.

The law will prohibit Russian courts to make judgment whether any of the texts preach extremism even if taken out of context. I wonder why the said bill didn’t include Jewish Talmud, which is followed by a vast majority among 13 million world Jewry, and considered Israel’s unwritten Constitution.

The said bill was sponsored by Russian president Vladimir Putin in response to a Russian court ruling (August 12, 2015) that some texts of Holy Qur’an were “extremist”. The ruling was based on the texts which commands the believers to worship only one Creator (Allah), and claims that Jesus was a messenger (prophet) of Allah, and not His “son” or shares His Powers (Trinity).

The ruling angered country’s…

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