During the late 1930s there was a strong drive within Norway to disarm and make Norway wide open to USSR annexation, sorry liberation.

Another part of the jigsaw falls into place with the comments re Norway’s gold.


Wide Awake Gentile

The founder of the Hambro dynasty a Levite named Calmer Hambro was born Calmer Joachim Levy in 1747 in Rendsburg, in Denmark, later acquired by Prussia in 1864. He grew up Hamburg, Germany, which is considered to be his hometown.He changed his name to Hambro upon moving to Copenhagen in 1778. Hambro took over his father-in-law’s business in Copenhagen in 1779. He later became a banker to the King of Denmark.Hambro married a cousin, Thobe Levi, the daughter of Isach Joseph Levi, in Copenhagen in 1778.They had a son, Joseph Hambro.

Joseph Hambro was a  merchant and banker. In 1800, he joined his father’s bank and renamed it C. J. Hambro & Son. Under his leadership, the bank gave loans to the Danish government from 1821 to 1827. Hambro became an advisor to Johan Sigismund von Møsting, who served as the Danish Minister of Finance. He was

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