India: 1984 Sikh massacre remembered

Sleeper Sikhs just waiting for the call to arms. Like all created religions this past 2-300 years, commies, moonies, mormons etc., they are kept on ice for the days of chaos.

Rehmat's World

In India, the real culprits behind massacres of minority groups are protected by the government – just like successive US administrations have protected the real criminals behind assassination of JFK or 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Indian prime minister Narendra Modi’s ruling BJP party and its Hindutva collaborators were involved in Muslim massacre in 2002 and demolition ofhistoric Babri Mosque – but never punished.

Thirty-one year ago, on very this day, (October 31, 1984) Hindu armed hooligans supported by the Indian police carried a massacre in New Delhi and several other cities in to avenge the assassination of Indian prime minister Indira Gandhi. Independent estimates claim that over 8,000 Sikhs were murdered, hundreds of Sikh women rapped and abducted by Hindu mobs.

Indira Gandhi was assassinated by two of her Sikh bodyguards for ordering military assault aka Operation Blue Star, in June 1984, on Golden Temple (Amritsar, India) – the most…

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