I did remark that the Rothpukes would use the creepziods to pull the rug out from under unthinking holohaux denial in order to bury the truth even further. Hollowoaks here is just ranging shots for the main counter battery fire on the exposed positions of auschwitz poltroons.

” Anyway read BMan https://buelahman.wordpress.com/2015/10/01/the-truth-in-spite-of-their-lies/
and then consider how you will feel when time is called to abandon the first line of Holodefence, most likely when Russia is finished being injected into a reaction synthesis in the ME, and then, on cue, you find out that lots of jews really were executed by the evil corporates in a program of mass slaughter. Only jews mark you. You will be completely disarmed for you never asked the correct questions in the first place which would have saved you from being fucked over again.”


Image by Carlos LatuffImage by Carlos Latuff

Not only were Netanyahu’s remarks regarding the holocaust refuted by historians and politicians ….

Even Germany itself was offended ….

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has re-affirmed her country’s responsibility for the Holocaust, following controversial comments by Israel’s prime minister.

Benjamin Netanyahu was criticised for saying Adolf Hitler had only wanted to expel Jews from Europe but that a Palestinian leader, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin al-Husseini, told him to “burn them.”

Speaking at a joint news conference with Mr Netanyahu, Mrs Merkel said she was “very clear in [her] mind” that German soldiers were responsible.


The Israeli Prime Minister’s obvious hatred of the Palestinian people has finally come to a head via his remarks this week ….

An apology to the people of Palestine, as well as to the six million Jewish victims of the holocaust, their descendants and the survivors themselves…

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  1. Hi RV, thanks for that. I just posted this morning on several things over here, http://specificgravy.blogspot.co.uk/2015/10/loverly-loverly-loverly.html , at which I posited that the Saudi’s although crypto are in fact more likely to be heirs to the origin of the disease injected by the Yahwehdjinn into a receptive clique of thieves in Sinai during the “exodus”.

    In other words the bosses of the Apiru(jews) come from Arabia Felix.

    If the house of Saud is acting all crytpo it is to hide their deeper origins I feel.

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