UK Arrests Own Citizens While Welcoming War Criminal Netanyahu

UK serf subjects do not seem to understand that they live in the world’s most advanced society. In other words a backwards retarded shit hole dressed as a rank whore. A kind of mini primitive NWO and have done for centuries. UK serf subjects are tolerated, well they were, and indulged with stupid ideas like democracy. I mean how can a society that spent most of the 20th century in lock down and rationing think they are free and live in a democracy? Only the stupified dumb sacrificial live stock which will be replaced by compliant or more virile imports when required.

Venetian stage plays and bamboozletron technotronics, that is the serf subjects daily bread ration.

Fig Trees and Vineyards


If you wanted to see an example of Jewish power and the toxic effect it has on democracy you could ask for no better one than this. More than 109,000 UK citizens have now signed a petition calling for the arrest of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on war crimes charges. If Britain were a true democracy, it’s government would have responded to the wishes of its people and the man responsible for the deaths of more than 500 children last summer in Gaza would have been arrested the moment he landed on UK soil this morning.

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