Little Known, (or Forgotten) Realities of Mormonism in Utah

The only way Zio,Wahabii,Opus CIA, Jesuit Jim Jones, Commie freekzoids can exist is for them to have free money from the Apiru Cru counterfeit presses pumping quantitative easing and free vouchers at them whilst rationing the rest of humanity who will not truck with such phukkwittery.

The Story Behind The Story

Each of the following events and quotes concerning the Mormon (LDS) Church headquartered in Utah are factual and real.  They are meticulously documented in LDS Historian, Michael Quinn’s seminal books – “The Mormon Hierarchy: Extensions of Power” and “The Mormon Hierarchy: Origins of Power.”

It is clear to see that LDS Church customs and CORE dogmas and teachings have indeed changed and evolved over time.  Yet the Holy Bible in Hebrews 13:8 declares that Jesus Christ is “the same, yesterday, today, and forever.”  The true core gospel of grace has never changed since Christ first declared it, and commissioned His apostles to take it to the world. Truth can never be altered nor changed, for doing so would prove it to be in reality a falsehood.   Any “Church” that changes its core doctrines over time can never be the true church of Christ – but rather, is a church…

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