The current ChiComm bitchboys and Rothbosses are the 4th wave, we can identify, that will start the completion of chinese destruction and lift the precious metals missed/unattainable by Yamashita.

One must remember that there are only two types of catholics in this world according to the Sheban queen in the Vatican. Jews and expendable local converts. So the fact that Rothbitch’s mother was catholic means sweet fanny adams. The genealogy would have shown a family branch returning to its roots.

If one checks out the number of tribe members infesting the local MSM and altMSM in the area it looks like Europe before the joint got trashed.

The Hyper LIttoral War is almost ready for kick off.


Wide Awake Gentile

17700-650x330-benjamin-et-ariane-de-rothschildolivier-seignette BENJAMIN AND ARIANNE ROTHSCHILD

LCFR  is the Late Edmonde de Rothschild ‘s Private Banking business now managed by his sonBenjamin De Rothschild and daughter in law Arianne de Rothschild .The Edmonde de Rothschild group has assets under management of 184 billion dollars

Benjamin de Rothschilds mother was a Catholic actress  who converted to Judaism

In Sept 2008  Bank of China (“BOC”) and La Compagnie Financière Edmond de Rothschild “LCFR” signed a long-term strategic investment and business cooperation agreement covering private banking and asset management businesses . Pursuant to the agreement, BOC acquired a 20% stake in LCFR.


After this investment, the controlling shareholder, Benjaminde Rothschild, held 74.19% of LCFR, and BOC became the second largest shareholder. This was the first strategic investment by a leading Chinese bank in a Eurozone bank. According to the press note it put out  LCFR…

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