Just like the old jewish run Bolshevik Russia, Wesley Clark suggests gulags for American dissidents

Will expand on this line of thinking at the other shop later today.

“We had to destroy the village to save the village” brought to you by the TFs with big mockerphuthing guns.

There you go.


Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

Wesley Clark Promotes Internment Of ‘Radicalized’ US Citizens

I’ve always liked Wes Clark. I interviewed him in 2005, when the topic of torture was new and fresh in our minds and he told me how disappointed he was in Dick Cheney. Our cell phone connection was horrible, but he called me back from the airport.

I say this because when I watched this segment I was as totally shocked as Digby was. I hope he rethinks his position after he listens to what he actually said. He’s talking about bringing back WWII Japanese style internment camps to America, which has always been a blight on US history. How can you catch a person who is unhappy or depressed before they become a lone wolf? And of course, who would decide if a person was “radicalized?” Ann Coulter, maybe? Michelle Malkin, who wrote a sick book defending the use of…

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