US complicit in Katyn cover-up

Watch this one.

In the run up to Russian mainstream outing as EEEVVEEELLLL by western MSMbitchboys and SKYNETBBCGULAGboybitches.

ALL the Talmudic crimes against Euroepans will be blamed on Russia. All the TalmudicHeathenYEW murderers will be forgotten.

US complicit in Katyn cover-up.

Katyn was an internationalist jewish run NKVD operation against European nationals.

Katyn had nothing to do with Russians.

As I remarked at the other shop the original plan was for British academics/clergy/police/unionists/SNP/Plydd Cwmry/Kernow/Sien Fein et al to all end up face down in a lime filled pit in Epping/Rendlesham any other secluded forested place. All done by jew run NKVD execution squads following the Murder Army into town.


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