Girlfriend of Charlie Hebdo Editor is a Rothschild Arch-Zionist Agent

Pragmatic Witness

As further confirmation of the terminally wretched hoax that is the supposed terrorist attack on the Charlie Hebdo satirical ‘newspaper’ there comes forth this hoaxer, arch-Zionist agent Jeannette Bougrab. A Mizrahi Jew Bougrab attempt to disguise herself as a grieving, even disgruntled, girlfriend of yet another treacherous arch-Zionist mole Stephane Charbonneir. They are Zionist fabricators together, one covering the other for his lies.

The purported girlfriend of so-called secular journalist is nothing other than a terminally corrupt Islamophobic Mossad more:


She is a Zionist Jew, make no mistake about it, and her ‘critic’ of Islam is not about ‘social’ issues or ‘cultural’ norms but, rather, a kind of plot on behalf of Israeli machinations.


The Mizrahi Jew Bougrab is an actual cabinet member of none other than that arch-Rothschild entity and global domineering cabal Mayer-Brown. The word Mayer is derived from the first name of the greater father of Rothschild…

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