The sinking of The Onanic.

Twas on the good ship Venus,
By Christ you should have seen us,
The figurehead
Was a whore in bed,
And the mast a rampant penis.

You are a great big dick and the good ship is full of whores. All 646 of you.

Davies  how would you like to fuck off and let one of the really disabled, not dysfunctional like you mongmeister, get into your cushty number. In fact I reckon that if we replaced you clowns with 646 disabled persons we’d have a healthier parliament.

Why don’t you get your family out pimping their arses on the street. Go on get the wasterels out working. I’m sure your lads can get up chimneys like the good old days. Or get them over to the EU and sell their arses to the pedophocracy or give them to The Finders.

You goon.

Typical modern Tory, full of shit, thick as shit, knee deep in shit talking shit. Typical of the 646 in general. They are only there to take our money and hand it over to the gangsters in EuropeUSSR or the Banksters in RCE/LC. All the time protecting the criminals in our midst.


We are going to abandon you lot because the word is out on the street now. The evidence is incontrovertable.

You lot are a waste of space and a danger to us all.

Onto the shuvvell. Enjoy the flames in Freedom’s Fiery Furnace.


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