When Shatan opens his bowels…

..this makes a noise.

A sluice of filth and effluent.

Decade after decadent decade of fucking around 1st class, leaving piles of dead people everywhere. No one felt your collar. I wonder why? Unchosen.

Dessicated old skin and bones. A caricature of the wicked old witch of the east. Lethal refugee of its own chaos. Always departing at high speed from the iCSi, leaving the unjustly dead, the innocent to rot. It is an evil old effluance and thinks we don’t know the formula its kind has afflicted us with for millenia.

No where has anyone sung freely where your shadow has cast. Always they have died in fear. Monster.

Loki muppfuckket, we know the score.

You’ve been at this for decades. Ever since you went over there panda buggering. We know your playbook and ancient routines.

Shut TFU bitchboy!! Always the bitch. The servant. The hiredling. Never ever your own man.


You have shit on freedom with every rancid breath you took. You consume freedom like a fuel. Keeping it exclusively for yourself and your ilk. Only for you shuttle diplomacy and  the jet set appetites. Hoping always to plunge us all into your blackened and stinking NOAHide hellhole eventually.

Onto the shuvvell, and enjoy the thing you know nothing about, even though you illegitimately bathed in it daily. You’ve destroyed that which you never earned.

Into freedom’s fiery furnace.


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