You Mokkerphuther….

You mock us.  You put her in her place. You want to put all of us in our place. You want to Mokkerphuther us. Don’t you?

I’m not going into the outs and ins of this. The ins and outs. The right or wrongs. The did he, didn’t he, push me pull you.

There is no such thing in NOAHide as rationality and justice. There is just proscription and prohibition. While the gods let rip of their inhibition.

So when one of the Talmud bending NOAHidistsas gets his ass displayed all over the MSM, you can be sure that his bosses are sending a message.

Just like Stan’s agenda, who sent this message.

However we don’t get the real message, we get a load of bollox.

So we are free to construct our own narrative which will make much more sense than the shit spread all over the MSM by the pressperps.

This is how NOAHide works as the UN AGENDA 21istas have wet dreams about.

Us, powerless, they, godlike heathen. They, phukking us over, we, craven.

You  and your occult-monikered mates can GGTF!!!

Onto the shuvvell, stupidly named Fucke D’witz. Just what is your real handle? Enjoy the flames in Freedom’s Fiery Furnace.


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