You Phukkin’ Boybitch…

All you do is talk total and utter crap.

What you are too thick to think about is that we didn’t have forefathers go to work and save to further their children’s prospects and education so their progeny could work in a dump like yours, you phukkedwitz.

No! You retarded, up for a promotion to Bilderberg, turd. Our forefathers hoped we’d get the hell away from the shit holes you preside over because they knew you. They knew who you were and what you represented.

You are a front for the corporate destruction of humanity. Syphers and occulted figureheads for fractional reserved necromancy.

Look at you, you cheap length of cable in a businesss suite.

All your shithouse delivers is industrial waste. You poison us, deliberately. You cause our children to be malnurished, as prescribed by the UN. You transfer wealth to the slaving scum in Beijing and Shanghai.

You are complicit. As complicit, you business school GMAT card carrying phukker, as the red card, little red book bearing commie, murdering, phukkmuppets that Lenin and the psycho sckryptokrypto commie bankstercrew unleashed upon the unsuspecting innocents all over the world.

You are an affront to humanity. A brass necked, terrorist spreadsheet weilding agent of mass destruction. You, your Bilderberg mates, associated Commie theorist banksters and Frankfurt/Chicago School cretins are going to get yours soon.

GO get to fuck the lot of you. All of you commie banksters, commie business grads, commie funny money merchants, commie Commies.

Just think how happy the world will be without you and your fractional tax on existence.

Onto the shuvvell with the rest of the IoD on top of you. Enjoy the flames in Freedom’s Fiery Furnace.


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