I know you did not get it?




4 Responses to “I know you did not get it?”

  1. I thought Jones did well against them really – made good points about the spotlight being on Sheen. (Wasn’t Sheen the one who bombarded Bush Jnr with requests for the truth of 9/11?) I only recognised Whoopi Goldberg out of the four women but the one on the far right takes the biscuit – horrible woman.

  2. Well cover me in whipped cream and bake me Alaska GV, I didn’t expect any traffic out here in the wastelands. I was just kicking tyres. However you give me an opportunity for a good old rant.

    AJ is being groomed for a big spot in the internet 2.0 firmament. Our trusty defender of the faith. Groomed to groom us. He’s our H.G.Wells. He is part of the coven. He is not DIcke like, in that DIcke has been given a roaming license to rework and expand on previous work. AJ is leashed with a specific agenda. He is like the anti-DIcke, constricting our horizons and decanting us into a reduced instruction set modality. Reduced to the conditions that were set out in the documents he so thoroughly regurgitates. He never, ever breaks new ground.

    So to see him is not to listen to him. It doesn’t matter what he says, what is the chosen subject of his tirade, it is his appearance in that venue, at this time that speaks.

    It is but a short leap to realise that he is part of the weapons grade milspec avatars story so recently released into the nonMSM. If you go to a big blogger with a good side bar on the nonMSM you will quickly spot the machines. They’ve been there since day one, so why tell us about the Turing failures now?

    Why tell us about Khalezov now? He’s been out there for years and yet the machine bloggers have been firing off about the fekker non stop this past week or so! All of them are idiot feeding frenzied fools. Taken off the ball as usual.

    Of course there were nukes in the towers but they were to address a potential civil control problem. What really took the buggers down will never be addressed by the nonMSM machine bloggers unless they are programmed to do so.

    As Harry would say. “It’s all a load of bollox” http://allaloadofbollocks.blogspot.com/. BTW I’m glad to see he’s back.

  3. You’re in my sidebar – couldn’t miss it really.

    Good point about Jones – you’re right that he never comes up with anything new. If anything, he seems to feed off bloggers and send it back to them as a sort of affirmation.

    Never herd of Khalezov (sheltered life!) – will have a look.

  4. I think Fausty did something on Khalezov about 18 months ago.

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