The UK’s Fistminister in waiting.

So this total waste gate wants the communitarian scum to be the “has got to be the best community organisation in the country” . Pure Alinskiist trouble making bastard. He, just like  the current fuckturds floating round the cabinet table, are all signed up to handing our hard earned over to the DfOD to line the pockets of their corporate commie bitchboy and boybitch mates in the so called developing world under the guise of helping the poor because of climate change.

Just like their predecessors tried to help the working poor in Russia by killing them all.

My erse!

Elitist degenerate inbred nothings operating on a Reduced Instruction Set Criminality.

What they will be doing is bringing us down to the level of 3rd world banana republic. Instituting all the corporate fascist shit from the EUSSR and the UNazis. Dragging what was a great industrial, productive nation to the pre-industrial state of servility.

Ed, son, go fuck off you commie bitchboy.

BTW where’s that other scion from the old hero’s loins. Oh that’s right the old hero ran away all his life kidding on he was an intellectual refugee. Where is bananaboy? Is Dave waiting for the UNazi call via Hilary. Is he hoping to get Alinski jiggy with the Alinski scholar in the Oval Office after she’s plugged Barry Soetoro into the Chicago sewers, Bronfman style?

What a pair of muppets. Both looking forward to handing over our cash, whilst dipping into it themselves, to the fascists corporates and banksters. Plus ça change. Never in the slightest interested in anything other than stealing other people’s gear to stuff into their mates charities , foundations and off shore hide aways. Once a pirate always a pirate. It is in the blood Ye know.

Funny how there is no perceptable change to be witnessed after May 6th.

The Cleggerons have been busily talking shite and backing off from anything that could vaguely be described as the functioning of a Government. They’ve backed off from taking responsibility for anything. Nothing is their brief. Everything is either EUSSR corporate fascism or charity eugenics. Their bankster predecessors must be happy as demented ghouls can be as they gaze back over the Styx to the living, soon to be unliving. However the hubris was allowed to spill out of hand. They even had their old rent boy Young lead pilled as his wet dream of raping the UK populace made him too triumphant for the Boys Town administration. Don’t want the herd bolting now do we. After three centuries of hard work reducing the scum to serfs again just before the manacles are finally slapped on the CCTV’d tithe.

So Ed what do you hope to be in 2015 then? There will be no UK Prime Minister, will there? You and your communitrian friends on the opposite side of the House will have seen to that. There will only be the CP rentbitch adminstering the region formally known as The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The Bantu.

How’s about Fistminister; you rent boy.

Onto the shuvvell Fistminister in waiting and enjoy the flames in Freedom’s Fiery Furnace.


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