Why did I miss this one?

Barry Soetoro, Mau Mau son, Muslim funny money bitchboy, non American, Chicago mobster’s mol and turned coat traitor.

I hope the USofA corp. citizens shoot your alien internationalist arse the fuck out of Dodge.

Nobel Peace prize winning minstrel boy, war monger and cyber mong.

Your job is to give covering fire to the Rothschild Corporate Entity’s shift over to ChiCommland isn’t it? You orientalist mentalist. Disaster boy and banana girl all wrapped up in a great big pink flag of convenience. Thieving for your supremacist bosses and looting the treasury. Destroying a once great nation that you’ve never spent more than a couple days getting to know.

Where is your birth certificate Weather underground boybitch?

You are a Rothschild agent from the Rothschild’s windy city finally ensconced in the Rock Presidency.

Onto the shuvvell and hopefully soon the good citizens of USofA corp will send you into freedom’s fiery furnace.


2 Responses to “Why did I miss this one?”

  1. Amen.

    Of course, they run the entire system, including the judicial system which would, were it truly independent, put them all away for life.

    Since they’ve taken over every institution which might hold them to account, we will have to find other ways of combating them.

    An easy way would be to simply refrain from buying from corporations. Deprive them of their power – money – which helps them to subvert the democratic (or more correctly, republican, in your case) process.

  2. Yes Fausty was just commenting over your shop and your goodself dropped by as I was chatting to my wife and daughter via email, the skype has not been set up Nihon side on the PC there, who are currently in Japan whilst yours truly is cooling his heals in the smoke. They’ve been down the coop with my in laws shopping as usual. Drive every red cent out of the corporations great universal spreadsheet, that will get their attention.

    Ta mukkle for dropping by, for some weird reason today I’ve not appeared as INCOMING!!!!!!!, must be a record of some sort, 🙂

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