Zentral European bitchboys roll call.

The Mandelbrot Set

Elder Millibot

Liar Straw

Younger Millibot

Now they’ve put their plans, long in play since 1945, into effect what do we see coming down the pike?

Well Kelvin Mac gave the game away in LBC last Frigtag. He reckons we can expect politically correct diversified leadership from the 2010 Tory new intake. A “leader” will emerge around 2020 to take us bravely into the future. Oh yes? That means there is someone being groomed and coached to appear in our consciousness to what common purpose? Blind Pew the crappiest of a long line of crappy Home secretaries was on the BBC (Goebbels’s Gobshite Towers GGT) this morning giving it some monkey spank with the R4 bootey crew when the dropped the “2020” as well.

This can only

be the AWG agenda

at work. It will

take another 10

years of hard

work on their

part to get us

caged in their

planned global

prison network.

So labrador abuser onto the shuvvell, your first time I think, god knows what that poor mutt had to watch as you rollicked with the Black Angel’s handmaiden!!! Poor fuck.

The Stoker though is not just handing out the sweeties to the bad boys and girls for past misdemeanours. Oh no. The Stoker has stochastic powers, i.e. he’s not a bitchboy “bend over that piece of soft furnishings” little functionary MSM eunuch and take it unnaturally vacuous tart. No The Stoker has no interest in slaking the Beast’s unnatural appetites by grave robbing the lifeless limbs of young sacrificial victims.

Piling dead people up in pyres hidden from polite society by sanctions and  by the mask of trade has no part in The Stoker’s idea of modernity.

Oh no.

So let us see who had turned up in 2010 (with a safe majority?) then?

Here is some new bankers.

Here’s the A listers, not bad 38% made it.

So cross reference, bearing in mind what KMac said, who do we put in our front seat to provide “leadership” in selling us up the Global Warming Ponzi Scheme creek without a paddle.

One thing we have to remember chummies is that red, yellow, blue, pink, green or purple these clowns don’t give a flying one about UKplc. The only thing they want from UKplc is a Chase with attendant serfs.

They are all internationalists.

The Stoker will be keeping a close eye on the progress of these gilded simians. So Kwasi and Sam the shuvvell awaits.

As for you, Guide dog harmer, onto the shuvvell and join Millibot, Brown and the rest of the commie bitchboys.

Go feel the flames in Freedom’s Fiery Furnace.


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