Hey banana boy!!! What did your Commie, hiding away from the action, Daddy….

…. tell you about getting caught between a rock and a hard place, expendable?

That’s why all the Agencies that you set up to deal with our interaction with government were created.

Firstly to take money through monopoly extortion for things that used to cost zero.

Secondly to provide the Spies, hired assassins and goons of this world with the online Amazon equivalent of false ID selection for cover on missions.

If you think we don’t know that your ID cards scam is to provide even greater choice for the world of international assassination and MURDER Inc. to choose from, then you’ll be getting a proctologist in soon to extract that echoing vacuum chamber between your ears sharpish.

BTW Banana fool isn’t it funny how the CCTV in this story is ZZOOOOOOHHH KLAAARRR?

Unlike every other occasion when you’ve pulled a false flag job.

Onto the shuvvell.

You are joining the special section for the really dim and thick bastards in Freedom’s Fiery Furnace


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