Where to start the CANNONFIRE?

To the memory of a blog now gone.

Strap the fuckers over the muzzles of large calibre artillery pieces with random length fusings and let the shellfire begin.

Raining down intestines and body parts everywhere.

The trusty are covering this. GV . LFtPoW . SR

It looks like these troughing Parliamentary fuckers know they have a ticket on the last train to Clarkesville and we are stuck in Guncity.

New words may enter the English language or whatever comes next.

A Byres= A sinisterly impotent entity

A Moran= Unknown malevolent nonentity

A Hoon= A Gallous extravagant with empty promises

A Hewitt= A calculating invisible bankroll or observed quantity of unknown

All onto the shuvvell

Enjoy Freedom’s Fiery Furnace; you are all in good company.


9 Responses to “Where to start the CANNONFIRE?”

  1. Don’t forget ‘Hoon-work’ Stoker – just doing Hoon-work. On to the shuvvell indeed. Thanks for the link.

  2. He he he GV, yes Hoon-work, good work if you can get it!!!

  3. 正教会の智 Says:

    Is it a loss?

    “When I began this blog, I swore to keep it up until a certain thing happened. It happened. I have to stop now. … No comments will be posted. None will be read. No questions will be answered.”

    Oh dear! So enigmatic! ET called home?

    Canonical Fire:

    “My biggest problem with conventional analysis of the Tea Party movement is the refusal to acknowledge the role of propaganda. ”

    This rich, considering on the same page I see a link to the alleged “freeing” of Burma (“Burma MUST be free!”) , complete with the mandatory pic of Soros’ bitch-saint Aung San Sucky.

    Oh dear! Poor Aung San Sucky!


  4. Yes Akira what is it with these sacrificial lambs? I admit though that I have always sided with ASSK in the past but so much weirdness just seems to entrail. Just like Kelly here in the UKplc.

  5. 正教会の智 Says:

    I didn’t mean she’s a bitch. I’ve never met the woman.

    I meant she’s Soros’ bitch, and the JWO’s saint.

    In fact she’s kind of a non-entity. Like that pig Mandela, she’s more useful “locked up” (in luxury).

    Have you ever heard of Bono or George Clooney campaigning for Mordechai Vanunu’s freedom?

    When have you ever heard of the JWO campaigning for the release of these people?

    — Archbishop Dominic Tang Yiming was jailed without trial in 1957 for heading a religious group that refused to break with the Vatican. Tang was released from prison in 1980 after being diagnosed with cancer and was permanently exiled in 1981.

    — The Bishop of Shanghai, Ignatius Gong Pinmei, was sentenced to life in prison in 1960 for his pro-democracy efforts.

    — Father Francis Xavier Zhu Shude was first sent a labor camp in 1953 and finally died at the age of 70 after being imprisoned for more than 30 years.

    — Bishop Xie Shiguang of Mingdong was arrested in 1955 and released a year later and arrested again in 1958 and jailed until 1980 and was jailed again in 1984 and 1990 for his beliefs, serving a total of 28 years in prison.

    — In 2007, Bishop Jia Zhigao of the underground Catholic diocese of Zheng Ding in Hebei Province was arrested. It was the 11th time he had been arrested since 2004. He had previously served 20 years in prison.

  6. Agreed Akira. Bono et al would be busted if they opened their yaps about the invisible to the MSM misery in the world.

    How did you come to get your hands on all the info you display, scholarly isn’t even doing justice to the amount and varied detail you can bring to hand?

  7. 正教会の智 Says:


    I don’t know. Maybe it’s a curse.

    “Ignorance is bliss”?

    I’m just obsessive. Good memory I guess. (But very absent-minded in everyday life.) Hate being lied to. I keep meaning to quit the blogs, but if I don’t scribble then it just flies around my head, and I want to shout at the suckers I meet every day, with their faith in “progress” and “tolerance” and the Tower of Babel.

    If I scribble it out, they can take it or leave it.

  8. 正教会の智 Says:

    I’m angry too. Driven by rage?

    Maybe too angry and it clouds my judgement? Or is it righteous anger.

    I’m angry because most of my life so far has been framed by these bastards.

    When I was a kid, I read comic books, and now I find out that virtually the entire industry (which is what it is) is Jew-owned and run. Same with most of the other fantasies that cloud our vision — SF, Fantasy, Movies, TV.

    That’s why so many people feel a deeper spiritual connection with pre-modern literature, legends, foreign movies, and so on. They can’t explain exactly what it is. They just sense that something is missing today, here.

    And then if you realize that the problem is Jewist and Masonic, and you say so, you get called a nut, even by other people who say they can’t stand the way things are. But they blame it all on either “the left” or “the right”.

    So,. starting with comics, I realized that I’d been brainwashed into Jew-values even as a kid.

    Then the same with the books I read as a teen — Salinger, Heller, etc.

    And the movies. And the all-pervasive psychoanalyzing, and the Hoaxico$t, and the Marxist rubbish. And the “news”. And so on.

    They ban Christian writings and scripture and philosphies from schools now, but the whole time they are preaching Jew-Masonry, only they don’t say so openly.

    As an example of the influence: The comics are always about mutants, freaks who get power by magic, and always the drive for revenge.

    And the TV full of smut, which takes the pleasure out of sex and romance both.

    Another example: I never read Archie Comics as a kid. But you wonder why the “All-American kids” Betty and Veronica and Archie and Jug-Head never went to Church? The creator and owner of Archie Comics was on the board of the ADL.

  9. Affliction Akira?

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